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our technology trades energy. 


renewables are redefining the dynamics of energy trading

As we strive towards a net-zero future, energy production is becoming increasingly dependent on the weather. This magnifies volatility and data complexity in energy trading.

A clean energy mix can only be traded efficiently by machines. 


true machine trading requires end-to-end automation

Our proprietary technology automates processes across every step of the energy trading value chain, from data to intelligence to execution.


our data flows in real-time, just like the energy we are trading

To enable our machines to make decisions and execute trades within milliseconds, we process millions of complex  data points every second – 100% in real-time.


traders rely on intuition, our machines rely on data

Determining at which price and volume to trade is considered the “intelligence” in energy trading. We let our machine learning models decide – 100% automated.


algorithmic decisions call for algorithmic execution

Volatility spikes occur regularly in weather-based energy markets. To capture those, we break down every trading decision into hundreds of micro-orders – 100% algorithmic.